eSEM is a growing partnership of historically black colleges and universities, experts, and researchers. We are expanding to include eight additional partner institutions (six historically black colleges and universities and two Hispanic-serving institutions), schools and school districts in communities local to their campuses.

Our mission is to increase the number of minority males in grades 6 – 12 who are prepared to participate in the STEM workforce. We address two common goals:

  1. Broaden the participation of underrepresented minority males in science and engineering through informal educational experiences that prepare them for careers in STEM fields; and
  2. Create a Network Improvement Community focused on STEM achievement in minority males.

Our Theory of Action

The cumulative effect/interaction of students’ exposure to the essential VIL Program elements in a university setting and school setting will lead to increases in achievement, engagement in STEM activities, and attendance at school.

Our Focus

Essential eSEM program elements include; high-quality instruction in STEM content (e.g. 3D modeling and printing, computer science, and mobile app development), mentoring, and professional development. The research questions are:

  1. What are the most effective strategies for increasing minority male students’ interest in STEM coursework, STEM careers and enrollment in college?
  2. What models of mentorship are effective in supporting the personal development and sense of belonging among minority males?
  3. How can partners, stakeholders, and researchers participate in a meaningful way in the NIC and in future research?